Optopolymer® –

Coating Services with Bariumsulfate (BaSO4)

Coating service for

  • Products with an old coating (recoating service)
  • Prototypes to specification
  • Small batches
  • Large batches
  • Plus design, mechanical production and coating as desired by the customer

Coating Service for Diffusive Reflecting Surfaces

We offer our diffusive reflecting surface coating services for “all” optical applications. These services range from recoating existing, used products (e.g. recoating of integrating spheres) through coating individual com- ponents or systems to coating large batches.

Coating Service Process

Without exception, this type of service concerns customer-specific processes. No product is alike for two different customers. For this reason, we would ask you to contact us as required. In order to be able to give a specific statement about the costs and options for the individual coating of your product, we require a drawing – or better still a sample – of your part to be coated. Only using your details can we generate the optimum result for you.

Security for your “Know-How”

At this point, we wish to expressly point out that we neither make your documents available to any third parties nor distri- bute them in any way. However, depending on the nature of the service to be performed, it may be necessary to disclose certain features of your product to third party companies. As an example here, we would mention the measuring of the re- flectance of your individual coating.

To prevent the occurrence of any misunderstandings con- cerning this point, we offer our customers a non-disclosure agreement. This agreement governs who is permitted to gain knowledge of your product and for which purpose.

Quality of our Coating

Based on our many years of experience in the area of optical diffusive reflecting coatings, a high standard of quality is gu- aranteed. To give you a precise statement on the reflectivity of “your coating”, the option of reflectance measurement is available in the range from 250 nm to 2,500 nm.

This measurement is performed by an independent company and serves you as a measuring report for a specific quality statement.

We will be pleased to advise you concerning the options.