Diffuse Reflecting Foils

The base material for our films is the high-quality material in which our reflectance standards are also produced. In this case, films are peeled from the raw blocks. This precise peeling process allows extremely fine adjustments over the entire surface, guaranteeing exceptional film homogeneity. As such, the films with thicknesses from 200 μm to 3 mm stand out for their exceptional homogeneity in terms of both reflectance and transmission behaviour.

Applications of our Films • Projection screens for the highest demands • Frontlit projection • Backlit projection • Background lighting of displays • Reflective diffusors • Transmissive diffusors


  • Useful wavelength range 250 nm – 2.500 nm
  • Reflectance is dependent on the film thickness
  • Density 1.5 g/cm3
  • Temperature range Min. -200 °C to max. +260 °C
  • High UV stability
  • Hardness 30-40 Shore D
  • Water solubility** Insoluble
  • Resistance to chemicals High
  • Flammability Non-flammable under UL class V-0

How you get our Films

The maximum width of the optical diffusive reflecting/transmitting films is dependent on the film thickness. The following film thicknesses can be supplied. The available length can be adjusted to your application and is around 10 m, depending on film thickness.